St Vincent de Paul Church

The Roman Catholic Parish for South Battersea, London

Forthcoming Events

Love: Say it with your Life: an Autumn Faith-sharing Group, all parishioners welcome.

When is it? Each Monday until 6 November. Come and join in a simple discussion and faith-sharing group in our Parish Hall. Light refreshments from 7pm; session starts 7.30pm.

What is it about? The sessions will be stimulated by a very helpful booklet, Love: Say it with Your Life, which is also being used in our neighbouring diocese. The material for reflection draws on Catholic Social Teaching and is based on the Sunday Gospels for the six weeks.

Why do it? We hope it will inspire us to actively bring God’s love and justice to all places where we live out our daily lives.

How? Sign-up on the sheet at the back of the church, or contact Deacon Jon by email, if interested. Copies of the booklet (£2 each) are available for purchase at the back of church, if you would like one.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: an occasional series of parish talks.

On Tuesday 14 November, at 7.30pm in our Hall, Parishioner Patrick Fagan will give an illustrated talk on his experiences in Antarctica. 

Patrick spent 4 months on South Georgia in 1964/65 as a member of a Combined Services Expedition. In Antarctica they aimed to find Shackleton’s escape route in 1916, and film it for TV; to climb some of the highest mountains there which range up to almost 10,000 ft., and to map an area previously never surveyed.  As a trained surveyor, this was Patrick’s principal responsibility, for which he was later awarded the MBE; and the highest summit in that area was subsequently named Mt Fagan.


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