St Vincent de Paul Church

The Roman Catholic Parish for South Battersea, London

Being a Christian

Becoming a Catholic


Catholics come in all shapes and sizes. To be a Catholic is to belong to the universal Catholic Church; but it is also to belong to a local Catholic community, usually a parish. It is in this community that we hear the word of God, celebrate the Eucharist (Mass) and other sacraments, keep the festivals of the Christian year, get to know one another, learn to share in the mission of Christ.


If you are sick, or housebound, or travelling you may not be able to join in much, but you are still a member of the local parish community.


There are no private or retired Catholics (though some may be resting…!).


How do you find out more ?


You approach someone in the local parish, or ring the parish number (020 7228 2121), and ask about the ‘Journey of Faith’. This is the normal way we have of welcoming enquirers. It offers a chance to discover more about the beliefs and spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church, and to meet people from the parish.

There would also be an opportunity to meet with someone privately, who will try to help you discern where God is leading you.

Or just ‘come and see’. You could come to Mass, to look and listen. There will be leaflets to help you follow what is going on. We hope you will be welcomed, but you will not be interrogated. We believe that in our Catholic faith and in our church we have a precious gift from God, and we want to share that with anyone who wants to know more.


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