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The Roman Catholic Parish for South Battersea, London

Our Parish

A Brief History of  Our Parish

The Parish of St Vincent de Paul in Battersea was first set up in 1903, and the church constructed in 1907. The internal plan is very open, with no pillars or side aisles. Around the apse are inscribed the words DEUS PROVIDEBIT SIBI VICTIMAM HOLOCAUSTI, which means God will provide for himself the sacrificial victim. This connects the Old Testament story of Abraham and Isaac with the sacrifice of Christ himself on the cross and celebrated in the Eucharist.

Some changes have taken place in keeping with the liturgical developments after the Second Vatican Council. There is more to be done.
The presbytery is a mid-Victorian house whose basement has been converted into a parish hall. For several years until the 1960s the house doubled up as a small parish school. Diocesan school inspectors used to live here some years ago.

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About Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul (1580 – 1660) himself lived in France, and became dedicated to the relief and service of the poor. He founded the Congregation of the Missions (Vincentians) and with St Louise de Maurillac he co-founded the renowned Daughters of Charity. His concern included galley-slaves, distressed gentlefolk and abandoned children. He was very sensitive of the dignity of poor people.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) is an association of lay people named after him and founded by Frederic Ozanam in 1833 for the service of the poor. Today the Society includes almost 900,000 members spread among 46,000 confraternities in 130 countries of five continents. The Society’s purpose is to provide direct aid to those who suffer, and to help individuals reduce (and even eliminate) the causes of their suffering themselves. Society members use their own resources, sharing not only possessions but the valuable gift of their presence.

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